Jul 13, 2012

take the time to find the right watch

A watch isn’t just for telling the time – it’s a fashion statement that says a lot about who you are. Your phone may have a clock on it but a stylish watch reflects both your taste and personality. It’s also more reliably accurate and less likely to suffer a flat battery, which can be crucial when you want to make a good impression.

Back at the start of the century, wristwatches were only fashionable for women, with men expected to carry the traditional pocket watch. All that changed during World War I when having your watch strapped to your wrist became essential in the trenches.
Despite this big fashion change coming about due to practicality under enemy fire, the watch has since proved an ideal vehicle for fashion, with a vast array of designs available, from sparkling bling to complex chronograph watches to the classic clean lines of a traditional stainless steel watch.
Many fashion houses now have extensive ranges of women’s and men’s watches as part of their accessories, with the likes of Henleys, Ted Baker, Police and Henleys proving increasingly popular with the public.

You can  view Diesel watches online to get an idea of their extensive and highly rated collection, as overseen by creative director Bruno Collin, who has been the driving force behind this hugely successful Italian brand since 2010. With a smart combination of retro and futuristic designs, including a selection of popular unisex watches, Diesel watches are designed to draw attention to the wearer, as well as keeping you right on time. For a watch that really stands out from the crowd, check out the Dolce & Gabbana watch range, where unapologetic bling reigns supreme. 

For something with plenty of design flair but slightly less ostentatious, the Casio collection of retro designs stands out, with many featuring old-skool digital displays, sometimes in combination with a more traditional analog face.

For the traditionalists among us, brands such as Seiko, Sekonda and Accurist have long and proud histories when it comes to producing reliable and attractive timepieces that ooze classiness – perfect for the workplace or as a gift idea.


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