Oct 21, 2009

small tribute to Michael Jackson. MEGA POST

Last month on my visit to New York and Las Vegas, i noticed a new obsession, military style jackets. The fashion had all the attention on them with the Balmain Spring / Summer 2009 Colletion, but after the death of Michael Jackson this trend became stronger. Well, its kind  impossible to a tour NYC without seeing something related.
Of course, i wouldnt leave New York without one military jacket. I looked at several places
and bought one for $ 39.90 at H & M (2 minutes hotel).
Here in Brazil, it's pretty hard to find this kind of jacket and  theres a certain prejudgment to the use of it. But i don't care, wear what you like, no matter the opinion of others. 

Balmain Spring / Summer 2009 Colletion


Michael Jackson 

H&M.the jacket that i bought

 Harper’s Bazaar 09

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